Thursday, February 2, 2012

random scene

Trying for a bit of vivid writing...

The morning sun streaming in usually made her smile. Today Tanya greeted it with a grimace and shut her eyes tightly as she tied off the curtains of the south-facing window. The cool air hovering near the glass passed over her bare arms causing her to shiver. She tilted her chin up, catching the sun's furtive warmth on her throat. Her equillibrium shifted and she took a half-step backward. She grimaced again, laying her left hand over her abdomen where she'd felt the cramp. After a deep breath and slow exhale, she crossed the bedroom to her bathroom, stepping around the leather steamer trunk at the foot of her bed.

In the bathroom, she flipped on the switch, illuminating the fluorescent bar above the simple rectangular mirror. On the counter sat the box purchased furtively among some feminine hygiene products the night before while driving home from work. With a population of 10,000 people, Tanya was fairly certain, despite not recognizing the 20-year old behind the convenience store counter, the rumor mill would carry the information along quickly. Everybody knew someone who knew someone... And Tanya was too long connected with those who held the reins of power in Loganville -- namely Lucas Logan -- for it not to go unnoticed that she had purchased a pregnancy test.

She should be happy. She was 35, but healthy, and she wanted children. She had even wanted children with Lucas. She'd put him off for more than three years. They'd dated for a little more than a year. Perhaps he would have proposed. But that was all academic. Because he was dead. She didn't know what she'd do if she was pregnant. She'd never thought about single parenthood, and they'd been careful. Obviously there were failure rates to everything. Now she had to think about it.

Lucas already had two children with his ex-wife, Britt. Tanya didn't spend a lot of time around them, but she knew the eldest was a teenage girl and the younger a boy, seven or eight years old. They were both blonde, like their mother. Lucas was, or rather, had been -- some might feel clever saying -- as dark as sin. She pictured his face, rather square-jawed under perpetual five o'clock shadow. His deep blue eyes had always grabbed her attention when cast her way. She'd caressed the clean, prominent patrician features, framed by his black-as-night hair, which he kept swept back and short. He was the very definition of handsome in Tanya's -- or anyone's -- book. Or, at least, he had been.

She picked up the box and slit open the end with a plain but well-manicured nail. Retrieving the chemical wand, she held it in her left hand while unfolding and reading the instruction sheet with her right. She inhaled and exhaled again. Okay. In one minute she'd know.

About ninety seconds later, Tanya sat down on the toilet seat again, her knees gripped in her hands to keep all of them from shaking so much. So, it was true. She was pregnant with Lucas's child. She glanced up at the ceiling and felt her lips tug into a wry smile: well, Lucas, you're a father... again. In just that moment she knew she would keep the child, imagining a younger version of Lucas running headlong toward her from a playground, Tanya yearning to keep him safe.

She glanced at the mirror again, finding the small year-long calendar she kept pinned in one corner. Lucas had died just about one month ago, on an early autumn evening in October. The report said he'd been racing along the rural Georgia roads at dusk when he lost control and skidded off, slamming headlong into a stand of trees. She could believe it; Lucas had liked his cars sporty and fast. She recalled a number of times as his passenger requesting he slow down. Which he had immediately done. Lucas was not a stupid man. He might have played the games of fast cars and fast women, but Tanya was sure something had been shifting in the last year while they'd been dating.

Lucas had become more circumspect, working more at the Logan Enterprises offices and overseeing the healthy growth of its many subsidiaries. He'd even become civil with Britt, his ex-wife. Both of them had been looking forward to hosting his daughter's birthday party when she turned sixteen sometime in early spring. But a moment of reckless abandon had left them all bereft.

Standing, Tanya again brushed her abdomen. Time to schedule an appointment. Once she knew what to expect, she'd figure out who needed to know what next.

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